farewell to domino.

I am completely & utterly depressed about the email that I received today saying that my all time favorite magazine domino is coming to an end due to the economy.  I have been a faithful domino reader since the beginning and I am so sad that my 4 year collection of dominos that I so neatly organize and refer to on a daily basis- is ending.  I want to boycott and start a protest outside Conde Nast…if I were in New York I would.  So sad.  

trick of the trade

Slipcovers are one of my favorite tricks of the trade because:

1. they aren’t permanent
2. you can take them off and wash them
3. they aren’t quite as expensive as re-upholstery

I had this slipcover made for one of my client’s kids rooms and it turned out pretty cute. I used an indoor/outdoor fabric which makes it more durable and stain-resistant.


The safest bet would be to have them made…but if you’re brave you could even try to do it yourself!

D & D Building

Here are some lovelies I spotted at the D & D in New York. I had in fact gone to New York, partially, to do design research despite all the playing I did. I was exhausted after this day of perusing the 18 floors of Designer Showrooms—enjoyed it thoroughly.


Here are the latest pictures of a remodel that I’ve been working on since September, but I’ve been too busy to post … it’s coming along and finally almost finished!

BEFORE: obviously



Here are the latest pictures of a remodel that I’ve been working on since September…it’s coming along and finally almost finished!

bermuda mansion

I visited this home in Bermuda a few weeks ago for a party…and found myself snapping photos the entire time. I was so amused at the mix of styles- oriental, indian, french, hollywood regency, african…it was crazy. I don’t even know if there is a style to classify it with- so I’ll go for eclectic. I definitely could not live in it, but there were parts of it that I did like. I could not even guess how much they spent furnishing this home, it was filled to the brim. It was so ornate- I walked past a plant (or so I thought) and heard it jingle, it was a glass tree…probably made of jade and semi-precious stones. Enjoy.

ivory screen. indian guest room.

king triton?? no idea.
i love this mirror and the little creatures on the mantle.
french candle aubra & oriental vases.
notice the slaves handing you your towel after you wash your hands…kind of creepy.
another cool mirror.
i kind of liked this…i’m always a sucker for middle eastern design.
indian canopy.
the glass tree.
love this regency mirror
and of course the venetian mirror, tusks, and french regency clock.
dining room. notice marilyn monroe snuck in on the wall.
beautiful chandelier.
interesting plank ceiling.
love the shape of the pool.

celerie kemble

Move over Kelly (at least for a minute), I am obsessed with Celerie Kemble right now. I am using a bunch of her Schumacher fabrics for a project I’m working on. Love the color palette- oranges, teals, green…beautiful. And love love love “hot house flowers”- can’t wait to see all of it finished. I think I’m going to be jealous of my client.

celerie kemble

Move over kelly wearstler (at least for a minute), i’m obsessed with Celerie Kemble these days.  I’m using lots of these fabrics from her Celerie Kemble for Schumacher collection.  Love love love “hot house flowers”-  can’t wait to get it all together.  I think I’ll be jealous of my client.  

Eric’s Office

Here’s an office that I did in the Spring and never posted… Somehow I deleted the pictures of the rest of the office, so this just the entry.  I’m just playing catch-up right now, cause I was kind of MIA for awhile. Thanks for your understanding! 


I helped my friend/old boss Jenny at AG Interior Design, with an install on Saturday because she has gone back to business school and needed some extra help finishing up her current projects. I did about 2 days worth of accessory shopping for a room that I hadn’t seen, so it was definitely a designer’s challenge but it ended up working out all right. Needless to say…the room is unique. Yes, it is PEACH…the color that my mom decorated our entire house in, in 1989. But I have to say that the peach kind of grew on me…and once everything was put together I actually kind of liked it. I couldn’t live in it, but it was fun to do something different! We decided that the style of the room was probably “South beach glam.” Her client was seriously giddy with excitement as we were putting up her peach leopard swags!

Most of these fabrics were from Barbara Barry’s collection, who is a very high-end, sophisticated designer whose style is a clean, understated take on hollywood glam. She focuses on soft color palettes, tone on tone, and lots of texture. So yes, this peach room was very expensive…but for peach, I think it was tastefully done.

And watch out, peach it’s having a comeback in fashion also so it might just make it’s way into your living room next. I must admit I’m falling for it…loving these peach-ies from j.crew right now.