living room details

Most of these accessories have been purchased at various local stores & markets here in Dubai. The following are the pieces that were bought at international retailers:

Fabrics- {Chaing Mai Dragon by Schumacher}
{Riad by Kravet}
{Wave Custard Pillow by CB2}

Striped pot {IKEA}

LOVE ONE ANOTHER print – {Persimmon & Pink} one of my new sponsors!

Voluspa Candle in Soleil {available at Anthropologie}

Mini sunburst frame- {Pottery Barn}

*If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the designer fabrics, contact me for pricing!

Welcome to our home

Please do come in.

Console + Mirror+ Orchid = Perfect Entry

It began with a splash of aqua paint…

and then I was inspired by these gorgeous Chinese urns {purchased at Global Village here in Dubai}

Gold frames {Zara home}
White orchid pot {Ikea}
Voluspa Candle {FRENCH BOURBON VANILLE, favorite scent of the moment}

Handmade wool rug from Kashmir, India {also from Global Village}

Chinese dragon pot for a ZiZi plant {I love using Zizis because they require very little water…in case you forget about them!}

More coming tomorrow!

Introducing…Style Files

After a brief hiatus from current postings on my design blog, I am thrilled to be back with fresh content and an entirely new forum to reach out to those interested in my design expertise. In an effort to sort out HOW to continue designing amidst my global location, 7 month-old daughter, etc. etc., I have concluded that I simply cannot be finished. I have to carry on! My passion is in this work and although I am so many miles away, I must meet the needs of my clients & find my way back into your homes.

So without further adieu, I present to you Style Files: A Daily Guide to Living with Style. This blog will now serve as a daily dose of design inspiration AND a complete design resource for those needing online design services for an array of lifestyle budgets.

Here are a few upcoming features of Style Files:

*daily designer tips from yours truly
*personal photo tour of my own home with tutorials for my own projects
*DIYs and how-tos for staging & styling your home like a designer
*guest bloggers from various design fields
*interviews with other designers
*design sources, discounts and fabric finds
*Q & A section with instant feedback
*virtual color and concept boards with suggested schematics

*reveals of past & current client work
* & GIVEAWAYS of course!

Thanks for all your encouragement & blog love. I look forward to working with you!

xoxo, Caitlin

ps. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s launch of the photo tour of my home.

Introducing: Style Files

hello people {if you’re still out there},

as most of you have probably noticed- i haven’t posted on my design blog in quite some time. i was in the process of deciding what to do with not only this blog but my design business as a whole. now that i’m a mother & an expat…my situation is unique in that i can’t just pick up where i left off. my little one is now 7 months old, i’m feeling an itch to get my designer hat back on.
so without further adieu…i give you my STYLE FILES: a daily guide to living with style. This blog will no longer serve as a casual form of my portfolio but a forum for me to share all the secrets I’ve been keeping throughout my years in design. I’m also very pleased to offer new online design services available to clients of all budgets.
~ DIYs and how-tos for styling your own home like a designer
~ daily designer tips from yours truly
~ guest bloggers from different creative fields
~ interviews with some of my most talented designer friends

a kid in a candy shop

I was in heaven at the Designers Guild flagship showroom & store yesterday…

literally drooling at the new Darly collection,

and planning to use wallpaper #1 in my office. That is when I get my hands on an office;)

* this is a big highlight of my trip so far since the US only has limited collections through O & L.

TATE modern

I went to the TATE modern yesterday for some afternoon inspiration. It brought me back to Modern Art History 350 with Mark Magleby…I loved that class.

the snail by henri matisse Matisse has always been one of my favorites. Read more about this piece here.

the pool of london by andre derain- this is a new found favorite of mine.

from his series the americans by robert frank – really interesting exhibit.

I think I’ll go back next week to see the new Turner exhibition.