Design 101: Lesson 3- Sectional Styling

We’ve been thinking about the dos and don’ts of styling a sofa lately, particularly styling sectionals. Sectionals are a great option because they offer a little more seating and add an element of comfort to a room. But styling all those corners can sometimes be difficult. So to help you out, we’ve created a few fool-proof ways to style your sectional that will leave it looking chic while still allowing it to be functional.

edited sectional

Step 1: PREP

It is very important to measure your space before ordering a sectional to be sure you are getting the right fit for the space you are putting it in. Make sure to know the exact measurements for all of the walls. Sectionals are typically great in a corner of the room, up against two walls.

Create a basic floor plan with a sectional. This will help you with measurements and visualization, as well as create a organized way to style the rest of your room around the sectional.

If the sectional is going in a family room or a place where a TV will be, consider where the TV will be when you are choosing the size and type of sectional you want.


There are a variety of ways to style your pillows on a sectional but not all ways keep it looking clean, chic, and inviting. We recommend using 6-7 pillows to create a full look without going overboard. Here are our top two favorite ways to style:


  • Choose 2 sets of 3 pillows that are the same size and pattern (We recommend 3 20x20s and 3 24x24s). Place one on both ends and one in the middle.
  • Choose 1 14×20 that complements the other two patterns and place it in the middle cluster of pillows.
  • Keep it symmetrical on the ends and go for something a little different in the middle.

Sectional Drawing Sizes 1


  • Choose 3 24×24 pillows in the same pattern. Find 2 20×20 pillows that coordinate. Place one on both ends and one in the middle.
  • Choose 1 16×26 that complements the other two patterns and place to the left of the middle on the sectional.
  • Once again, keep it symmetrical on the ends and go for something a little different in the middle.

Sectional Drawing Sizes 2

We’ve compiled a few examples of different pillow styles and patterns that work well together. Have a look and pick a favorite!

Sectional Drawing Tribeca Sectional Drawing- British Bouquet (1) Sectional Drawing Portland Sectional Drawing Navy Fleur Sectional Drawing Gold


  • Add a colorful throw. Place it on the chaise section of the sofa.
  • Add a great rug. Choose a rug that fits under the front legs of the sofa and extends at least 3 feet beyond the coffee table (if using a coffee table).
  • A coffee table used with a sectional should fit the boundary edges of the sofa
    • Make sure the coffee table is proportionate to the sectional. A large sectional should have a large coffee table.

Different kinds of sectionals to consider

  • Double chaise
  • U-shaped-Three sided
  •  L-shape
  • Semi-circle

Stationary vs. Modular

Stationary Sectional: the most common kind of sectional. Designed for one shape that locks in place.

Modular Sectional: typically comes in 3-5 pieces that can be arranged in a variety of different ways. Make sure your pieces are secured together before using.


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Design 101: Favorite Paints

Every designer has their go-to paints that work well in practically any space. Choosing the perfect color for a particular room can seem overwhelming, but I’ve gathered 8 of my tried and true favorites to get you started!


Favorite Paints (3)

Super White by Benjamin Moore

Super White

  • My go-to color
  • Brightest white
  • Looks crisp & clean
  • Recommended for millwork
  • Be careful not to use with another trim color
  • Works well with cooler shades such as blue, gray, purple, and pink
  • Modern without any icy blue undertones


Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy

  • A timeless classic
  • Saturated shade of navy blue
  • Appears purple when first coat is applied,but don’t worry–it will be beautiful and sophisticated once the second coat is dry
  • A great neutral alternative to gray or black
  • This hue is a chameleon that goes with almost any other color
  • Pairs nicely with grey, whites, and sandy tones
  • A rich blue without pulling green or gray undertones
  • Pairs well with corals, rusty oranges, and gold but works with any pop of color
  • A great accent on kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands


Emerald Vapor by Benjamin Moore

Emerald Vapor

  • Very light shade of green-cyan
  • Creates a spa-like space
  • Clean and fresh
  • Works well in dining areas or bathrooms


Classic Gray Benjamin Moore

Classic Gray (1)

  • A timeless, pale gray with warm undertones
  • A fresh neutral that will work with any space and lots of other colors
  • Beautiful with peacock blue accessories
  • Not a dreary gray. It is especially bright when its paired with white
  • Pairs well with super light shades and neutrals


Favorite Paints 2 04

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

Edge Comb Gray 2

  • A light neutral with a lot of depth
  • Great in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Has slight purple undertones
  • Great for interior and exterior and is a wonderful complement with almost any color


Graystone by Benjamin Moore


  • Appealing in all kinds of lights
  • Looks great in both interior and exterior spaces
  • Slightly taupe and clay-like


London Fog by Sherwin Williams 
London Fog
  • Just the right amount of brown undertones for a beautiful neutral gray
  • Soothing shade of pale grey


Rockport Grey by Benjamin Moore 
Rockport Gray
  • Moody gray tone with some mocha in it. Expect it to be dark
  • Smoky and sophisticated
  • Pops with white trim

Favorite Paints swatches

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Design 101: Mixing Patterns

Ready to redecorate but not sure where to start? Take heart–we’re here to help. We are thrilled to bring to you a special project we’ve been working on, CW Design 101!

 CW Design 101 will answer all of your design questions as well as give you insight into our favorite tips and tricks of the trade. We’ll teach you the basics of restyling your home like a pro, including choosing a good paint color, how to style a shelf or sectional, mixing pillow patterns and more!

 Up first in Design 101 is Mixing Patterns! It’s not always easy to coordinate patterns, but we have created a fool-proof system for all of your pattern-mixing needs. Whether you’re wanting a coordinated collection, juxtaposed and fun, or classic monochromatic … You’ll be a pro in no time!

Mixing Patterns1

We’ve broken it down style by style for you so you can see which you like best!



Coordinated Series EDIT (3)



Juxtaposed Series EDIT (3)



Monochromatic Series EDIT (3)