livi loves rikshaw

catherine, the designer/owner of rikshaw design featured olivia’s room today on her blog!

check out the rest of rikshaw’s collections~ they are all so darling! i can’t wait to see her new stuff coming out soon.

and can i just say that the elephant pillow is amazing. i use it all the time~ for support when nursing, to put behind olivia when she’s sleeping…a truly inspired design!

4 Responses to “livi loves rikshaw”

  1. Lynda

    Who would have thought that an elephant shaped pillow could have so many uses! I love Rikshaw cute burp cloths and bibs too. How did we ever raise you kids on plain old pastels!?

  2. samia

    I loved this rikshaw design where is it.. howcome i never saw it even when living in dxb.. can you plz tell me abt its location.


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