J.CREW @ the Kauffman House

I have been loving the J.CREW Spring catalog . Not only are the clothes delightful with every detail and print (I’ve dog-eared most of the pages), but they chose the perfect background…Richard Neutra’s Kauffman House in Palm Springs. This house is one of the few things I remember from my 8 am Modern Architecture class, but nonetheless I do remember it and recognized it when I got the catalog. The Kauffman house was built in 1946 by the famous Viennese architect Richard Neutra. It is said to be one of the ‘five most important houses of the 20th century’, along with Fallingwater (FLW), Robie House, Gropius House and the Gamble House. It looks amazing after being renovated, not to mention the impecable pool & outdoor furniture-love everything about it. If only I could order the house on jcrew.com…

6 Responses to “J.CREW @ the Kauffman House”

  1. Starrymedgirl

    It is a gorgeous house. And I am totally with you about the spring collection…I have been drooling over it ever since I got the catalog.

  2. nicole

    It seems like J.Crew can’t do a thing wrong these days. I love it. And, your new blog wallpaper is cute.

  3. AlliSMiles

    i like your cute blog. looking at this house reminds me of my cousin’s. you need to check out my aug 28 2007 post–i put up pics of it. you would LOVE it do i have your email? have i invited you to our blog? if not, send me a message on facebook 🙂


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