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I finished this project in December but was so caught up in the next project that I didn’t post these. I loved working on this because it was a challenge trying to bring in a sophisticated feel to an ultra-modern house. The master was my favorite since I wiped the slate clean, and started from scratch. I loved designing the case goods (the wood furniture) and seeing them brought to life. The upholstered bed really brought the whole look together and the custom pillows added the perfect splash of color.

the master: before (the fabric wrapped around the pillow wasn’t there either)

the master: after

the master bath: before
the master bath: after

the office: beforethe office: after

8 Responses to “before & afters”

  1. Jill

    (i hope you don’t mind strangers commenting on your blog)

    that master bedroom is to die for. there is nothing quite like custom furniture. you thought of every detail. and the placement of the chairs at the end of the bed – i love it.

    has it been hard to find manufactureres in the area?

    bravo bravo.

  2. Shaun and Jamie Muaina

    caitlin you’re so talented! i need to sit down and talk with you one day cuz i’m planning on starting my own design firm one day too and i only hope i can end up as talented as you are!!

  3. Marisa

    Gorgeous. I love your taste and like everyone else can’t wait to see more! Also, we are SO excited to see you guys this week.

  4. AnnieB

    i love it! i’m so glad you did a separate blog for your design! now i can stalk you in two places! jk! i love you and it is so fun to see what a talented, beautiful, amazing woman you’ve turned out to be (not that i had any doubt!) okay, now i sound really old and i’m only 30!


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