an organized office

Things are looking good around here…I’ve got an organized office, a full schedule, and a fabulous new assistant. Here’s to a great new week!


ps. I threw in a peek of another Fleur Chinoise colorway- aqua, mustard, and charcoal!

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  1. s.calder

    Gosh, your fabric collection is lovely! I love the aqua, mustard, and charcoal combo. I can’t wait to see the rest of your line…

  2. Tamara

    I’d love some pillows with some of your gor-geous fabrics! Since your in Philly…would you ever do local sample sales or something to that effect?


  3. adesigndiary

    Caitlin you are such an inspiration! I am looking at all my samples and squirming at what a mess they are in…..I will be sorting them out very soon! Your office looks great and I LOVE your new fabric line…can’t wait to see the rest of the designs!

  4. Blake

    How cute and colorful. And despite that, it looks so organized. That’s a good thing: an office where everything looks good and is easy to access is an office that allows for productivity.

    Blake Mitchell

  5. Cindy Benton

    I would like to purchase the four shelf wire baskets to organize fabric but I am unable to find out how to order it, the price or who may carry them any help would be appreciated

  6. Trish

    Would love to know where to purchase these as well and how you put them together.

  7. Lynn

    what kind of wire system is that? Looks like something I could use.

  8. Dawn

    Those bins look like the Algot series from Ikea. I am looking at them for a master/craft closet redo.


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