Newport Beach Bedroom

Coral Fretwork and Mint Fleur Chinoise by Brooke Wagner Design


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    • cwd_admin

      Hi Phyllis! Headboards usually take 3-4 weeks. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  1. Lauren

    Hi! I love the overstuffed look of these pillows! Is the patterned print closest to the front the 24X24 size? If so, do you have a 26X26 insert in it to give it that fluffy look with the crease in the middle? I am going to order the navy deco pillow and want this same look so any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

  2. cwd_admin

    Lauren, yes. The pillows shown are 24×24. To get the overstuffed look we use premium over-stuffed 90% down feather inserts. The inserts inside the pillows shown in the photo are 24×24 so you wont need 26×26 to get the overstuffed look. You can purchase these inserts directly through our website! Hope this helps:)


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