It’s only appropriate that I do a baby post today… Restoration Hardware has announced a BABY & CHILD line!  Believe it or not, I haven’t gone crazy thinking up nursery plans yet- I think mostly because I don’t know what I’m having.  But I must say, if it’s a girl…this is the crib.  Is it not perfection?  Of course, I’m not the pink & chocolate kinda girl, but I do die over this crib.  I can’t wait to see more of their new collection!  Hooray for more good work from Restoration Hardware.  

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  1. nicole

    dear cait – be careful letting this secret out! I am in love with this piece….. I have been dreaming of it in my nursery all night. Lets hope the price is as sweet as the crib.

  2. AnnieB

    a four-poster crib! so cute! i love RH! so is chocolate and pink out? what’s the new color combo for girls?
    i mentioned your dad in one of my posts “spring break–part two”. we went somwhere that reminded me of him! send your parents my love.
    i love you!


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